Sunday, February 27, 2011

my own personal war zone.

maybe this should be for my personal journal.
maybe what i feel is to strong for a public space.
but i need to get it out.
and i need it to be heard.
so here it is.

i feel like im in that picture above.
but what you cant see in the picture is what they are fighting for.
what war is this?
and what is the war for?

what did we hear as americans.
and then what was the actual cause.

i feel like that.
i feel like there is a war that im fighting.
but i dont know what im fighting for.
i feel like im fighting for a cause.
but i dont know what this cause is.

i just dont know.

but i do know.
that whatever it is.

its worth fighting for.

i dont think i have ever felt as defeated.
defeated through no fault of my own.
defeated in everything that i stand for.

i know.
that i'm NOT defeated.
ignorance is just no longer bliss!

but what i'm fighting for.
whether known or not.
is worth fighting for.

Friday, February 25, 2011

just for mary.

back to blogging.
per my friend.

we were supposed to have a big storm.
well that didnt happen.
but i got a few good pics.

public blogging has begun again.
i think.