Sunday, January 8, 2012

heavy heart.

blogging for me is just something i dont think that i can keep up with.
but i know that a lot of time i just need to wirte out what im feeling.
so here i will turn.

tonight. i had an amazing conversation with a beautiful young girl.
she is making changes in her life that are dynamic!
but its also hard.
because sometimes people fight so hard against us doing the right thing.
but the right thing, is ALWAYS the right thing.

i couldnt be happier in her actions.
in her decisions.
in her attitude.

but i understand the struggles.
not knowing.
not understanding why.

its amazing that God is so good.
to allow us time to grow and change.

i know that right now.
my heart is heavy.
heavier than its been in a long time.
ove a different situation.
beyond my control.

its hard to see people struggle.
its hard to see people going through difficult times.
even harder when you dont have anything at all that you can do.

by nature im a fixer.
if your broken.
i want to help put you back together.
if your hurting.
i want to help mend that brokenness.
if your angry.
i want to know why.

i want to help.
but this time.
i dont know what to do.

i dont know which way to turn to help.
i know that they need me.
God definatly more than i.
needing me.
is something im sure of.

i just dont know what to do.

maybe this is where praying for wisdom comes in at.
maybe this is why these next 3 days are prayer and fasting day.

maybe God is ready to really put my new years resolutions in to action.

my life isnt about me.
its about Him.
and He has a plan.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year.

My 2012 Resolutions.

1. Pray Everyday!
2. Fast 1 time a month.
3. No Soda
4. Journal everyday. Document My Life.
5. Read My Bible Through
6. Spend Less Time Doing Me, Life Is NOT About Me
7. Curb My Gossiping
8. Blog More.