Friday, September 14, 2012

not worth it.

a beautiful girl.
sweet and sassy.
had a bridal shower.


new friends.
getting together to celebrate.

her mom.
gave advice about not fighting.
she said that she used to get migrains.
fierce. awful. diblitating ones.
after her and her husband would fight.

she was in the midst of a fight with him.
and she thought to herself.

hes not worth it.

she said.
to him.
youre not worth it.
the kids arent worth it.
the animals arent worth it.
not worth the migraine.
not worth the fighting.
not worth it.
no one is worth that kind of pain.
that kind of torment.
she was going to walk away.

from that time on.
whilst they still argue.
WW3 is not going on.
they learned to work out their arguements.
a new way.
a plan.
something that her daughter learned.

not worth it.

i thought that was amazing.

i heard at this same bridal shower.
news that was disturbing.

foolish people.
doing foolish things.

wasnt even a good enough word.

doing foolish things.

i tried to blog last night.
i didnt want to be angry.
its not my business.
its not my life.
      (thank God)
its not something that i can judge.

the - i told you so.
wont be sweet.
when its over.

because playing with peoples emotions.
can hurt them for life.
not just for a time being.
no matter how tough they are.

but although...

i do find them worth it.
its not worth it.

being mad at foolishness.
is only going to be stressful to one person.

when its over.
i will try and pick up the pieces.

because thats my job.

thats what im good at.

ask the rest of them.
same girl.
doing what i know to do.