Sunday, January 24, 2010

goodbye chocolate.

so for awhile now i have know that i was becomming allergic to chocolate. if the itchiness in my mouth wasnt a dead giveaway then the headache that is horribe that proceeds the itchy mouth is!

it hasnt always been all chocolate! but candy bars and random chocolate awesomness. but i think that has come to an end.

i had fudge yesterday and a brownie today. both have given me the most horrific headaches! so i think it is about time to either buy stock in asprin, or say goodbye.

Goodbye Fudge Cake!
Goodbye Brownies!
Goodbye Vanilla Cake w/ Chocolate Frosting!
Goodbye Chocolate Dipped Strawberries!
Goodbye Chocolate!

you have been amazing the last 26 years! but i must let you go!

I will deeply miss you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010



thats the word that ive been searching for! kayla asked why i dont blog anymore. and i feel like ive lost my muse. it vanished. as i was driving home. i was thinking about where it went. and about the fact that writing has always been so healing for me. its always been a release. weather its about the depressing or the amazing. the fun or the sad. the real or the real as i see it.

so i vow to start blogging again. not so folks can read my mess. but because its fun. because i need to. because remembering is something i love. i read over a good number of my myspace blogs. most are private. or only for the eyes of the favored ones. but man. remembering is hard. but an amazing thing all around.