Wednesday, July 21, 2010

its a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

i love the weather we are having right now. so beautiful. warm yet a slight wind.. simply beautiful.

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Monday, July 19, 2010


i just feel happy today.
i know why.
and its just good.

11:11 treated me well this morning.

maybe 2:22 should have followed suit! :)

dear sir.
why must you push people away.
i understand not wanting to be hurt.
but i just dont understand what ive done.
it frustrates me.
ive tried to be the best friend to you that i know how.
i dont know what else you want from me.
i wish... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

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Sunday, July 18, 2010


everyday trisha (my coworker) & i try to check the time for it to be all the same number. 11:11, 1:11, 2:22.. ect. and when the time is all the same number we make a wish. sometimes we get it, and more often than not we dont

friday @ 3:33 i made a wish that this would be a great weekend. and it came true! :) some rough spots. but mostly awesome!

friday. mk and i stayed downtown after i got off work and we went to the new teachers fountain. i LOVE this new fountain! its so awesome. there are tables to sit at, and its just relaxing. a band came and played a few songs. crazy folks dancing in the fountain. one lady being a tad bit inappropriate with the stream of water. we went to sand in the city. it was awesome! all theses cool sand sculptures. i LOVED it! its put on by my work every year! so awesome! i we also drove around for what felt like forever trying to find a vegan store for my happy mail partner courtney! we drove in circles and circles. i was told that it was on 12th & stark. that there was a 'vegan strip-mall'. gps kept saying it was on our left - but it wasnt there! finally we asked a pedi-cab and it was on SE stark, we were on SW stark! :) haha. we found it finally - only to have missed its closing by 30 mins! haha. we then decided we wanted Red Robin. and drove around that like 12 times looking for a parking spot - only to give up and come to gresham and go to applebees! :) then we came home and watched  the bachelorette that i recorded. I WANT CHRIS TO WIN! SOOOO BAD! SOOO BAD! i love him. and i love his family! 'Love is the only reality' :) i love him!

Saturday. mom and i went out. had a good time. went to food fight. and got some vegan treats. :) it was sooo fun! i love shopping for folks! :) i had never been there before! i didnt know what to buy! i really hope that she likes it! i went to a vegan bakery- and was so stoked- i wanted to send something from there.. but they told me that their stuff doesnt send well :(. but it was fun nonetheless. we went to lunch! then it was a youth event. it was only the younger youth that went. but that was okay! we still had fun. we went mini golfing downtown. it was super cool! i loved it. but it was way to many holes for me! haha. i would have been cool with 9! :) i then hung out with kayla! we went out and she listened to me vent. im thankful for a friend that can just listen. i was frustrated and she didnt have to give me answers. she just let me talk. i realize just how much that i love hanging out with her! she is awesome and i love her!

today was church. it was good this morning. JR preached about the difference between sin & Jesus. AMAZING message! i loved it! and it was DEFIANTLY for me! and i cannot get the song Yet In The Darkness out of my head! its just what i need! tonights service wasnt the normal. but at the end the people doing service sang a song about time.and i seriously broke down and asked God for what I havent been wanting, but i know i should. God knows my heart - and yes, there is a lot of work to be done. but He knows my heart. 

all in all this weekend has been great! :) 
im thankful!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


dear you.
where are you.
i need you.
love you forever.

hey lady.
your life.
is just that.
your life.
not mine.
live it how you see fit.
but stop pointing fingers.
and blaming others for your issues.
its getting really old.
no one wants to hear about your unfair life anymore.
you make your own choices.
live with them. 
and please. for the sake of all involved.
GET CABLE.. or something.
occupy your time elsewhere.
love ya.

Monday, July 12, 2010

evo posting?

i just downloaded a new app on my evo that hopefully lets me blog! just checking it out!

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