Sunday, July 18, 2010


everyday trisha (my coworker) & i try to check the time for it to be all the same number. 11:11, 1:11, 2:22.. ect. and when the time is all the same number we make a wish. sometimes we get it, and more often than not we dont

friday @ 3:33 i made a wish that this would be a great weekend. and it came true! :) some rough spots. but mostly awesome!

friday. mk and i stayed downtown after i got off work and we went to the new teachers fountain. i LOVE this new fountain! its so awesome. there are tables to sit at, and its just relaxing. a band came and played a few songs. crazy folks dancing in the fountain. one lady being a tad bit inappropriate with the stream of water. we went to sand in the city. it was awesome! all theses cool sand sculptures. i LOVED it! its put on by my work every year! so awesome! i we also drove around for what felt like forever trying to find a vegan store for my happy mail partner courtney! we drove in circles and circles. i was told that it was on 12th & stark. that there was a 'vegan strip-mall'. gps kept saying it was on our left - but it wasnt there! finally we asked a pedi-cab and it was on SE stark, we were on SW stark! :) haha. we found it finally - only to have missed its closing by 30 mins! haha. we then decided we wanted Red Robin. and drove around that like 12 times looking for a parking spot - only to give up and come to gresham and go to applebees! :) then we came home and watched  the bachelorette that i recorded. I WANT CHRIS TO WIN! SOOOO BAD! SOOO BAD! i love him. and i love his family! 'Love is the only reality' :) i love him!

Saturday. mom and i went out. had a good time. went to food fight. and got some vegan treats. :) it was sooo fun! i love shopping for folks! :) i had never been there before! i didnt know what to buy! i really hope that she likes it! i went to a vegan bakery- and was so stoked- i wanted to send something from there.. but they told me that their stuff doesnt send well :(. but it was fun nonetheless. we went to lunch! then it was a youth event. it was only the younger youth that went. but that was okay! we still had fun. we went mini golfing downtown. it was super cool! i loved it. but it was way to many holes for me! haha. i would have been cool with 9! :) i then hung out with kayla! we went out and she listened to me vent. im thankful for a friend that can just listen. i was frustrated and she didnt have to give me answers. she just let me talk. i realize just how much that i love hanging out with her! she is awesome and i love her!

today was church. it was good this morning. JR preached about the difference between sin & Jesus. AMAZING message! i loved it! and it was DEFIANTLY for me! and i cannot get the song Yet In The Darkness out of my head! its just what i need! tonights service wasnt the normal. but at the end the people doing service sang a song about time.and i seriously broke down and asked God for what I havent been wanting, but i know i should. God knows my heart - and yes, there is a lot of work to be done. but He knows my heart. 

all in all this weekend has been great! :) 
im thankful!


  1. Courtney is going to love whatever you got her! The fact that you drove all around and took the time to find something vegan is so thoughtful :)

  2. i SO hope she does! I didnt get much on her list except vegan things! haha. I was having to much fun in the store. Did you ever go to Food Fight while you lived in portland?