Sunday, September 12, 2010


i know that i should forgive 70x70. i get that. but sometimes it is harder than others. especially when the forgivness wasnt asked for. or when i apologized because i knew the relationship needed it, not really because i did anything wrong. its such a hard subject.
if i didnt know better i guess i could let it lead to bitterness.
but for me, not the other person.. bitterness cannot happen!
it leaves to much baggage that i am not prepared to carry, nor do i have a desire to carry it.
forgivness is the only answer.

"i forgive you.
for me.
not you."


  1. I totally know what you're talking about. Just don't let anyone take advantage of your friendship/relationship. :)

  2. its hard sometimes to know that fine line between being taken advantage of.. and just being a friend that is being there.. yanno?