Wednesday, December 8, 2010

so i dont forget.

i feel like im just now getting time to rest.
this last month has been so busy! 
soon it will slow down.
and for that im so excited.
i just want to curl up in my ugly orange chair.
with a blanket.
and read a book.
all day. 

during thanksgiving. my brother, sister in law & 2 nephews were here. i must say it was a wonderful visit. i was nervous at first. being completely honest. there seems to be a lot of tension usually when we are all together. its weird because it never was like that before my brother got married. so i assumed the tension started with my sister in law. i mean, if that is the only thing that has changed in my family. it must be her. 

but i was wrong. my sister in law is amazing. and i learned that in a big way on this visit. i learned a lot about her. what she has been through. people that were in her life before my entire family came along. some about her family. we cleared up a lot of misunderstandings. we talked out things that were topics that never got brought up. 

they got here on the tuesday before thanksgiving. it was a nice day. mom made her yummy beef sandwhichs. suppppper yummy in my tummy! and we went to church for testimony service. rebecca and i picked up kristofer & kayla. testimony service was good. but games afterwards was better. well.. i guess i cant say that it was since everyone ganged up on me! jerks! :) we learned that rebecca is the master at rummikube, and i suck just as much as kristofer does at the game!

wednesday, we were supposed to go to the beach and spend the weekend there. we get everything packed and are on our way there when we find out that we need chains to get there. i got a rental car, so that wasnt happening. we decided to turn around and go back to the house.

that was the best decision that we made! i am soooo glad that we stayed here. after we got home JR, Kassie & their son Javin came over. they were supposed to go to the beach with us. so we ordered pizza, ate pumpkin bars & played board games all evening. it was so fun. 

my oldest nephew mikey & javin became fast friends! well, i guess not so fast. there was a lot of not sharing & pushing at first. haha. but once they got that worked out, they became fast friends. one day that they were here, kassie said that javin woke up wondering where mikey & uncle(my brother josh) were. so cute! :)

thursday was the big day. a bit unorganized, but hey, we are all pretty much family! who cares? mom put the turkey in, made the weird gravy, mashed potatoes & a potato salad. rebecca made her delicious stuffing. i made a salad. kassie made the veggie tray, deviled eggs, pumpkin pie, corn. i think there might have been more but whatevs.

mikey & i played on the slide outside of my apt. kristofer & kayla came over again. played games. the rileys came over for a short visit. and then we all went to jr & kassies for a few games of mafia & some pumpkin bars.

friday. SHOPPING! :) earrings, belts, watch for ashley. nail polish for cherish. headphones, board games & socks for me. i cant remember what else i bought. i had to work that night. for 4 hours. suck! i missed the tree lighting in pioneer square with my youth group. but some dude tried to plant a bomb there, so i guess it was best that i wasnt.

saturday. multnomah falls. hot chocolate. relaxing. jr. kassie. javin. casey. morgan. her husband josh. it was a full house. chicken. yummy seafood salad.

rebecca and i stayed up all night until it was time for them to go to the airport. we talked for most of the evening. bought a few books and then played a monopoly card game all evening.  it was an awesome time.

i have the cutest stinking nephews. no joke. they know no stranger. luke doesnt cry. or it doesnt seem like he does. he is so mellow! he goes with the flow. such an amazing kid. mikey. now that kid is energy! he doesnt eat. haha. but he is amazing! i love the kid!

i wish they lived a bit closer. but that will most likely never happen.

minus having to work a bit. it was a good visit and holiday. spending time with some of the people that i love the most. i wouldnt have changed a thing!

pictures to come.

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