Monday, March 14, 2011

good night monday.

i woke up this morning.
not feeling well.
clogged nose.
manly froggy voice.
knowing we had a lot of people out of power in oregon.
which means overtime.

i didnt prepare myself to have a good monday.
after all.
it was a rainy day & a monday.
they always get me down.

but this monday.
besides the crazy clogged nose.
besides the manly froggy voice.
was a good monday.

i would like to say.
thank you monday!

thank you.
my day.


a woman whos power had been out over 24 hours.
said she wanted to take me home and make sure i got better.
hot soup & hot tea.
and sleep.
that was her recommendation.
she said she would be calling back next week.
and if i wasnt better.
she was going to come get me. 

i had no one complain about their power issue.
mind you, most of them had been out 20+ hours.
all of them.
every single last one of my customers.

'oh, we are prepared take your time'
'it will be out until tuesday? thats fine, we can survive, we know you are working on it'
'thank you for all your hard work getting my power restored'
'my power has been out for 18 hours. but people in Japan have it much worse, sorry about being a cry baby'

to my oregon customers.
while tomorrow might be a different day.
when your patience has worn off.

thank you for monday without complaints.
thanks for my day!

skype with a friend.
weddings with a friend.
may it be the same friend?
we just wont tell!

i heart pinterest.
i could honestly loose hours of my day at that website.

my day.
has been great.
sickies and all.


cheers to tuesday!
nite nite.

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