Thursday, March 17, 2011

the perfect timing of a rainbow.

usually i see it. 
and everything in me cringes.
im the girl that wants to get from a to b.
in the fastest time possible.
i dont want to wait.
instant gratification.
yes please!

as i get onto the freeway tonight.
there is obvious traffic.
oodles & oodles of cars.
we arent getting anywhere.
in any time that is convenient for anyone.
so why not just relax.

i did. 
and i took a pic.
Driving Home. Rain? Check! Hail? Check! Traffic? Check! (my pic that i uploaded to fb)

relaxing for me today.
was listening to music.
as loud as possible.
singing along.
not worrying about this stupid drive.

i didnt switch lanes for most of the drive.
even though the middle lane was going much faster than the 'fast' lane.
i just drove. 
and thought.

as the rain lightened up.
the sun came out.
i searched for the rainbow.
i looked everywhere.
no rainbow.

i started to wonder if God would ever take back His promise.
to never use a flood to destroy the earth again.
did no rainbow, mean no promise?

i started to wonder about Gods promises in my own life.
if i am a fool to believe some of them.
if i actually even was given any promises.
if its not all made up in my head.

i was so disturbed that there wasnt a rainbow.
it just wasnt there.
not even a little one.

then out of the corner of my eye.
i saw something red.
someone that i know.
i dont even know how to describe our 'friendship' now.
but awhile ago.
i felt like i was given a promise.
regarding this person.

and in what seemed like seconds.
i felt God tell me.
exactly what i heard before.
'trust me. even if you never see the fruits. trust me'

and as i felt that.
i look up to see the biggest rainbow EVER!
it seemed like i was right underneath it.
i wish that i would have stopped crying long enough to take a pic.
but thanking God was much more important.

even if i never see the fruits of the war.
even if it becomes 'knew' instead of 'know'.
even if it never stops.
even if no one else cares.
even if it makes me look like a fool.
i dont care.

i will trust You.

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