Wednesday, April 21, 2010

9 things count down.

so i didnt get to the inspiration post. but i did get to the 9 things count down that Kellie posted earlier last week. :)

Nine things you wish you could say to nine different people:
1- a year from now you are going to wish you would have started today. and a year from now, she is going to wish you had started today. everyone that loves you is going to wish you had started today.
2- i wish that you were happier.  and that i didn't have to feel the responsibility to make you happy.
3- i wish you were better to my mother. i wish that you wouldn't have ruined the relationship between all of us. i do blame you. but i have also forgiven you. and you don't even know. one day you will regret that you kept her away by being a jerk. and i won't want to hear it.
4-you are a good guy. with a good heart. if you would stop blocking it off. and be a bit vulnerable instead of being a jerk. you might get the girl you deserve as well as the one you love. i pray that you will be able to do that before whoever she is gets tired of waiting. you deserve to be happy. you are honestly a good person.
5- thank you for coming here when you felt led. i don't know where i would be if things had been different. thank you for giving me the chance that others didn't think i deserved.
6- i have lost every ounce of respect for you. you make me sick. i can't stand to talk to you let alone look at you. you will NEVER get respect from the people that you believe you deserve it from acting like you do. life is not about you and your children. i don't think i have ever met a more selfish person that does so much. or looks as if she does so much. but i really wonder if you do everything for YOUR glory or His.
7- you are an idiot. plain and simple.
8- i love you. for everything you are. and everything you're not.
9- thank you.

Eight things about yourself:
1 -  i wish that i was twenty six and at the place i thought i would be when i was twelve.
2 - i love my family. even though i don't like them all the time. i always love them. and would fight to the death for each of them.
3 -i am still afraid of the dark.
4 -i have the attention span of a 2 year old. oh look... shiny things.
5 -when i was in high school. i signed every note. and the one i didn't sign. i got in trouble for forging my mom's signature.
6 -i know every line in dirty dancing & pretty woman & the man.
7 - i am overly happy to be in oregon. this is where my heart is.
8 - i am constantly day dreaming. always.

Seven things that cross your mind a lot:
1 - if the direction my life is heading is the right one.
2 - my future.
3 - where certain people belong in certain parts of my future.
4 - money.
5 - my nephews & nieces.
6 - my momma. how she is REALLY doing.
7 - him.

Six things you wish you never did:
1 - showed some people a different way of life. that they eventually took to far.
2 -pointing out that my dad wasn't supporting us while he was sick.
3- skipped school so much.
4 -fought constantly with my father.
5- allowed distance to come between us.
6- gave up.

Five Things You Always Have W/You:
1- cell phone.
2- burts bees.
3- camera.
4- tissue.
5- journal.

Four Bad Habits:
1- gossiping.
2- over thinking situations.
3- interrupting.
4- biting my nails.

Three Favorite Memories:
1 - my grandpa. sundays after church with him were the best.
2 - billie ray cyrus concert. my mom and dad surprised me. black jeans. black boots. purple fringe shirt. a mullet to match.
3 - road trip. california.

Two things you want to do before you die...
1 - be 175.
2 - be happy.

One Confession:
1- sometimes i don't see the change in me that everyone else has seen.

now to just finish packing..... 

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  1. great list! opening up like that takes guts! i'm glad you shared.
    hmmm....sooo who's "him"??? :)
    yea im totally nosey, sorry