Tuesday, April 20, 2010

inspiration. or not.

its been so long since ive blogged.
which suprises me because i am on this thing EVERY DAY!
reading all of my favorite blogs.
it doesnt feel like its been THAT long!

tomorow i am going head back to my FAVORITE place again.
Ill be back on sunday!

last week kellie sent some folks an email asking for personal interviews that she can do on her blog. i was super excited to fill it out and add all the things about me. (that comment sounded really 'self-involved' but thats now how it was intended). one of the questions was about inspiration. and man. i dont honestly remember how i answered it. but it was the VERY last question that i answered.

what inspires me?

its sad that i have NO clue. and that is being overly honest!

i have made up my mind to start an inspiration journal. to keep with me. to write down things that inspire me. i love little things.  colors. music. websites. words.

when i look at weheartit i always feel inspired.

after you feel inspired. where does it go after that.
theres my struggle i think.

tonight after i pack i am going to
try and write down some things that inspire me.

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