Sunday, May 30, 2010


dear ma'am.
great minds think alike.
and i wish they didnt.
but thank you.
i appreciate it, i think.
but i just cant voice it.

dear sir.
thank your for eventually letting me give you up.
today i heard a song lyric that reminded me of you.
a broken heart doesnt break even.
someone always is much more hurt than the other.
its been hard not to think about you lately.
but im glad its not all the time.

dear sir.
fathers day is coming up.
its harder than normal.
but i will be fine, even if i have to fake it.
you would have wanted me to be fine.
i wish i could talk to you about this.
i never wanted to talk to you.
now that i do, its to late.
i am sorry about that.
i love you.
i miss you.

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