Tuesday, December 1, 2009

opening day.

Many may think that this would be an odd photo to chose for the opening of a blog. I do! But I feel that it represents chaos! Hair all wild, moving my head right when the camera clicks, the laughter that happened after. I couldnt focus. I usually cant focus.

I would describe myself as contently chaotic. and I love it. I love the life that I lead. I love the quirks that I have. While it may not be ideal for some. I love it.

Many people have told me that I need to start a blog. I have a blog, but not many that EVERYONE and their momma can read. Some posts will be personal. Some I will put in the title not to read if easily offended. I tend to offend :) and for that I make no apologies! Read on, or dont. You decide. Some will be just photos.

I might forget this blog, and it might become my best friend. We shall see.


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