Tuesday, December 8, 2009

um. :)

i dont feel the need to go into the bullets on my last post. its been to long to rehash them. i dont even know if i can make sense of them now.

im really sleepy today. i need to get some more rest. especially if imma be driving the entire way there and back to cali soon. im getting excited to go. very excited. three friends. suv. music. fun. and a camera! :) there WILL be pics posted. for sure! it will be me. mare. and mk.

and that brings me to the next player.
mary katherine. katie. kate. kt. kiki the barking bimbo. i think thats pleanty. she is crazy! but i have the BEST movie nights with her! we have good times! and the awesomest inside jokes. 'wine tasting'! haha. we also coach quizzing together! its fun! i am the mean one and she is the nice one! we have a good balance! and we always have fun behind the kids! i can always rely on katie to hear me out. i can talk and she can put things into perspective that i dont usually see. she also has one of the best families in the WORLD! they are simply amazing! katie has been a player in my game for some time, and is becoming a bigger one daily.

okay moving on! we are supposed to be driving there on the 18th and then come home on the 20th. its craziness! we know! i pray that the weather holds out and that we can get there and back safe! :)

tonight we went to the higgins (kates) house and prepared baskets that the youth are supposed to take caroling tomorrow. it was a fun time of just girl talk! it was everything from spiders, to extremely large pads and tampons, to vomit, to kids, to the places we sleep. it was so much fun!

here are some photos.
The Group.
The Olive, Kate, Sis Higgins.
Jenny, Rosie, Momma, Alexandria, Emily

Sister Higgins doin the bows.
A bit blurry, bur Jenny & the cookies.
The finished product & Al.

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