Monday, August 30, 2010

day 4.

there are a number of little habits that i wish i didnt have like biting my nails when im nervous or impatient, not being organized, sticking my tongue out when im concentrating, the 'scratchy throat' noise that everyone hates.

but there are a few BIG ones that i wish i didnt have. the first one is being judgmental. when i see something 'crazy' or that i dont like i instantly make a judgment, and its usually all over my face. i cant hide it. i try, but i just cant do it. the judgmental side of me, makes getting to know people hard, getting rid of my first impression. *sigh
* lol. it needs to go.

the next one is my road rage. lol. i cannot seem to control it. no matter if i am praying on my way into work, and i am feeling the love of God in my car, someone goes to slow or cuts me off, i am screaming at them! lol. granted i dont curse, so about the meanest they get called is moron. but regardless.. the road rage is soo out of control. everyone that drives faster than me is an idiot, and everyone who drives slower is a moron. lol. my dad taught me how to drive, and man did i learn all that i know from him. lol.

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