Thursday, August 12, 2010

tmi & mommas cruise.


i feel like my uterus is about to bust out and rip someones head off! its declared war on all of my inside organs. i feel like its going to be noshing on my ovaries soon. i am afraid that its going to just break through at any moment. i wish that i was joking, but i honestly dont believe that i am. 
*end TMI*

haha.. now that thats over... i just HAD to share..

i am sad that my momma is leavin for a week.. but super stoked because she is going on a cruise. its sooo out of her comfort zone! she will be leaving tomorrow morning and going on this crusie with my pastor & wife, and a TON of their family. she has never had a vacation without one of my family members. i love that she is getting out and doing things on her own. 

i am a bit nervous that she will be by herself (i say that loosely since there is like 17 other folks going with her) without me or my brother for the anniversary of my dads death. its coming up sooo soon! 4 years! august 17th. woah. i know that she will be taken care of. i just worry about her..

on another note.. i am getting a week alone. i say that loosely as well.. since there will be tons of folks spending the night while my momma is gone. i am kinda excited to be able to do just whatever i want without having to worry about anyone other than my doggie! :)

lately ive been neglecting my blog a lot. i haven't had much to say, and still really dont. but i do want to get into blogging more. i just second guess what i have to say, a lot! lol. 

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  1. lol.....i love the tmi! it's so much fun to hear all the gory details of peoples lives. i'm sorry you were achy though. :( hope you're feeling better now. can't wait for this fall class to start!!!