Thursday, August 19, 2010

this last weekend was great! super stinking busy. but awesome! it was a lot of different emotions for me as well. i think im learning a lot. but i dont know where these lessons came from. i dont even know why they started. but i know that i most definatly needed to learn them.

friday after work i hung out with the most handsome boy in the portland metro area! 
 he is the most active kid i have ever met. at one point i was chanting 'go javin go javin go' and he probably ran around me and the coffee table at least 100 times with little to no energy loss at all! lol. after babysitting him, mk and i hung out. we watched a few movies. we were supposed to scrapbook, but thats just not gonna happen. we are just gonna make photo books. sooo much easier! haha.

saturday. we had a car wash for Grace Point. i watched lil javin again. we went to the park. and walked around a bit. i talked to brother tony about lyme disease. he gave me a lot of useful and great information about it. so awesome!we had a meeting about Grace Point. i am overly excted for this church to start full time! 
after that meeting kristofer, kayla, mary, jer, brianna, kris r, and manny came to my house for a BBQ. kristofer made the most awesome chicken ive ever had while jer made the most amazing corn on the cob ive ever had. soo super yum. sooo stinkin yum.
 that nigh was full of apples to apples. food. rock band. ufc fights. laughing. not so appropriate jokes. just fun times.

sunday. was a pretty crazy day! super busy with grace point. that made 3 church services in all. the first church service. man. so crazy. amazing. the second service i did nursery work. and the third service was just what i needed. 

my mom has been almost gone a week. and im read for her to be home. yesterday we had the 4th anniversary of my dads death. i did well. but i know she was hurting and it was hard not being able to be there for her! its been four years. sometimes it feels as if its been so much less. other times it feels as if its been forever. i miss him. i miss a lot of things. but mostly i miss him for my mom. 

i had a lot of friends help me thorugh the last week. and for them i will be forever greatful!

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