Sunday, October 17, 2010

goodbye media.

this last week has been impacting in so many different ways. so many trials, but through it all.. i learned a lot.
its amazing that even when i screw up badly.
over and over. over and over. over and over.
God still loves me.
for that im greatful.

this week my church is doing 7 days of prayer and fasting.
some of us are giving up all forms of media in our lives for the week as well.
no internet.
no texting.
no unnecessary phone calls.
no blogging.
no dvd's.
no tv.
no radio.
no news papers.
no ipods.
no facebook.

its weird because ive never attempted something like this.
im not nervous at all.

imma write my thursday post today.
and set it on auto post! :)

so with that said..
see ya next week blog! :)

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