Wednesday, October 6, 2010


last night this random man came into the church during prayer. none of the men seemed inclined to go help him (or so me and becky thought), so we went to see if we could help him.

he seemed to be looking for something..

he was on the hunt for a lady that has recently started coming. he had some stuff of hers and he was leaving town. he didnt seem all to happy. he seemed nervous. he seemed set on finding her.

we explained that she usually doesnt come on tuesdays but that she usually comes on wednesdays. becky & i both felt uncomfortable about letting him know that, we didnt know if he was a psycho stalker or whatnot, but its  a public place, and he could come back tomorrow to see himself anyway. so.. *sigh*

he asked us to give her a note. i explained that i would give it to my pastor to give to her.
thats when he seemed to break down.
he kept repeating.. 
"i loved her!!"
over and over.
almost in tears.
he went on to throw some judgments at her.
but, mostly it was a heartbroken man talking.

there wasnt anything that i could honestly do to help him. i dont know the lady that well. i dont know their background. i dont know whats happening. i just dont know even who he is to her. 

i felt so bad for him. 

i dont want to know what it was about. i dont even want her to know he spoke to me. i dont want to get involved. 

but i still felt so bad for him.

it was as if his heart was seriously breaking at that very moment. he kept saying he was going very far away. never said exactly where. i cant help but wondering if he is okay. i pray that Gods hand protects him and everything works out the way it should.

there was so much hurt in his face.
i dont know the story behind it.
and its probably better that way.

but i think ill continue to pray for him. 


  1. oh Sarah that is so sad! I guess that is all you can do.

  2. It was so nice of you and your friend to help his as much as you could.