Thursday, October 14, 2010

thankful thursday.

i am thankful for the small things. for the big things. for a lot!
God has blessed me so much its insane!  
around this time of year i sit back and think about my blessings a lot.
thats why im trying to do my first reoccurring blog post.
 it will be called thankful thursday! 

today i am thankful most for...

*my AWaCks*
we are a group of people. that God has placed together for a purpose. sometimes they irritate me. sometimes i yell at them. sometimes i want to kill them. but at the end of every day i love them. mary said the other day that our sunday night alter call felt like humpty dumpty being put back together again. i feel that. its the best way to describe it. i love my AWaCks.

*my job*
while i would rather not HAVE to work. i am SO thankful for my job. i speak to people every day who dont have jobs. who are losing their houses. who have to rob peter to pay paul. and then those people who do way more work than i do, and get paid so much less. i am honestly so blessed for my job! i thank God that He placed me here at the right time. 

*tall white chocolate
raspberry mochas*
its the most amazing drink in the world. it warms a small part of my soul! :) for a girl who normally doesnt like coffee, i am thankful in the little town of newport, i was introduced to this oh so amazing drink! fall is even better with one of these babies in my hand! :)

if you want to participate too, just steal the image.
if you wanna make a better one that would be great! :)
just leave me a comment so i can include you in my next ones!


  1. my favs are white chocolate mocha or peppermint mocha! Yum!

  2. super yum!! :) have you tried this pumpkin spice that everyone raves about?