Thursday, October 21, 2010

thankful thursday.

*my momma*
she is such an amazing person. she is a rock that i lean on. she can understand me like no other. she is always there when i need her, and even when i dont. she is strong. she is a Godly influence in my life. she has been through some trials and some hard times throughout her life, but always knows that God is going to keep her. she listens to me. even when i digress onto 6 other topics before finishing my first story. she doesnt interrupt. she listens. she is rarely funny... she tries.. really hard. i give her credit for that. when she loves, she loves with her everything. she isnt judgmental. she cheats at jenga. she drinks way to much diet pepsi, and doesnt test her blood sugar often enough. she is crazy, and she is frustrating. she is always game for my crazy ideas. she is honest, and she is my favorite momma in the world. i love her. im thankful for her. so much. God defiantly bless my brother and i with the best momma in the world.

*brother & sister higgins*
why is it, that i got through my moms whole paragraph without crying. but as soon as i type in their names. tears immediately come to my eyes. i dont think anyone understands how truly thankful i am for the higgins. im thankful. so thankful. they have given me so many chances, and do overs. and yet dont judge me. brother does get a bit irritated at me and my mouth sometimes, but he doesnt judge me. im so thankful that he didnt give up on me even when he had ever right. im thankful they gave me a chance with bible quizzing. im just thankful for their leadership. i love watching them work the alter, and one of them usually has the little olive (their baby) in their hands while they are praying for folks. its beautiful to watch. they are such an example of Gods love and what being a christian is all about.

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  1. I'm glad that you have such awesome people in your life!