Sunday, March 7, 2010

i love having internet at the church. it is the most AWESOMEST thing. and we are now in the 20th century! :) i LOVE IT! we havent quite made it to the 21st, but we are well on our way! :) and for that i am super beyond stoked!

the idea of loves came from different blogs that i have been reading. and i love the loves idea. so i have just a few more for this wonderful sunday evening! :)

This bumper sticker! I was driving today and pulled up behind this truck! and i wanted to high five the lady driving! i said "FOR REAL" and then HAD to snap a pic! lol. its sooo true. killing babies has to be okay. but terrorists? nooooo... lol. maybe not for all. but i heart it.

i have been chewing trident gum for years. but to the people of trident... I  LOVE LAYERS! both of theses gums are FANTASTIC! :) and i love them! the middle is like candy! like a sweet but a tiny bit sour goodness that just makes the mouth water for days! wonderful. the strawberry is my complete favorite, but the green apple is equaly as delish!

i still have a post that i am working on about last sunday evening and monday. i MUST find time to finish it! but that will have to come after finishing babies invitations.  :)

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