Tuesday, March 30, 2010

california love...

this picture makes me giggle.
and i have no clue why.

okay. so 3 days from now i will be in california. i will probably be in my rental car. with the windows rolled down. hopefully its a bit chilly. so i can have the heat cranked up. and i will be singing loudly to the mix's Kris is making for me. i dont know WHY i am sooo excited about this. but i am.

im not overly thrilled to be doing anything else in California. besides seeing the friends and family i havent seen in the last 7 years. but i am super stoked to be ALONE there! :) no travel buddy. just me. myself. and my mixed cd's! driving from Sacramento to Tulare (small town, youve never heard of it! haha).

oh. i am SOO STOKED!


  1. i hope you have tons of fun!! i wish i could go to cali, ive heard its beautiful!!
    you better take some pictures!! :)

  2. its not so beautiful where i will be going! lol. but im super stoked now! :) and you betcha ill have my camera with me! :)