Saturday, March 13, 2010

tom cruise & my sinus issues.

there is something about a tearing up or crying tom cruise that makes me sad. im sitting here watching jerry maguire. and hes teared up a few times. and so do i. a crying hot man. haha. that just does me in!

*start rant* i HATE sinus issues. it seems like every other blasted month i have some sort of sinus issue. the last few days i have had more junk in my head than i can stand! i feel like there is a hand in my head that is pushing through my face. my jaw and my ear. no blasted bueno.

i really wanna get my sinus cavities taken out. just remove them. they dont serve any purpose. except to make me miserable!  if they need something to fill that space, they should put like inflateable balloons.. SOMETHING! i dont care what! but i HATE them! *END RANT*

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