Monday, March 8, 2010

march eighth.

so today would have been the 30th wedding annivesary of my parents! thirty years! wow. i cant imagine living with someone and still liking them let alone loving them after thirty years! i wish my mom was able to know how that felt, living for thirty years, liking and loving my dad.

she decided this weekend that she would rent a car and drive out to seaside to stay at the last place we all stayed as a family. my dad liked that place! i hope she isnt to sad today because we know he is in a better place, but i know she is and that makes me sad.

hollysue posted a blog on her myspace after my dad died about how she cant even imagine what it would be like to lose a spouse. and today i feel that. not as a daughter. but as a woman. that when i chose (or rather God chooses for me) to gt married... losing that person. i cant imgaine how completely alone i would feel.

i will finish up here at work. go to class. then drive out to see my mommy. and hopefully make her feel less alone.

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