Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the weekend.

this weekend has been a mighty long weekend!
that is for sure.
started off with an
awesome morning and afternoon with my madre.
we shopped.
cleaned out the car.
got an oil change.
ate lunch. 

aawwwww. matching outfits for the most adorable nephews EVER!
i have a small love for plaid shorts on kids!
super cute! :)

then it was off to the higgins house.
the olive and my abc gum.
the arrival of the demskis.
fire on the mountain.
the dead end.
yo cream.
leaving folks.
super fun.

i love my friends.
they are all so goofy.
but thats why i love em.


That was another loooonnnggg day that didnt want to end.
we went to spaghetti factory with the demskis.
no pictures. but lots of good memories.
mall time. cute shoes.
i am still trying to find a cute pair of sandles.
its a must need.

pastor tore it up on sunday morning.
talking about priorites.
and i had to admit.
my priorities were not in the right place.
i had to make some choices yesterday.
that i never wanted to say outloud.

i couldnt get the movie devil wears prada out of my head while i was praying.

Nate: [as Andy takes a call from Miranda] You know, in case you were wondering - the person whose calls you always take? That's the relationship you're in. I hope you two are very happy together.

the thing that i always talk about.
the people i am always with.
the things that win out to praying.
and reading the Bible.

thats the relationship that im in.
and i dont want to be in a relationship like that.
God has to come first in my life.

so i gave up the hope for many things yesterday.
i know that if they are right for me.
that they will come.
i cant search them out.
its not for me to decide.
i want the desire of Gods heart for me.

sunday evenings message was an odd thing for me.
restore. renew. release.
brother collier talked about some things that just blew me away.
being restored.
if it is possible for us to be hurt.
its possible for us to be restored.

its not for me to say who needs to be restored. but he gave an illustration about a solider. getting shot. about to die. but yet someone on his team helps him. and he lives. he is restored. back to being the person he was. when he said that, i thought about the other people on that soliders team. the people that even though they are not there to "help" him, they still want to see him restored. we all cant help everyone back to life. sometimes we are the silent teamates. that you only notice when all the dark times are over.

*start* i have a "friend". i say "friend" because i know that she doesnt count me as a friend anymore. which is fine. maybe she hasnt for awhile. but i count her as a friend. but i want her to know. that even though i can no longer 'help' her. i still am on her team. i might not be at her side. i might not be in the front lines with her. i might be that silent teamate that she doesnt even realize is still there. but i still pray for her. i still want to see her make the right decisions for her family and herself. i still am gald to see her doing well. even though i think that there is more behind the reason that we are not 'friends' anymore, more that doesnt even have to do with me. i want her to know that i forgive her. and i am sorry if she were offended by my actions.ot defending myself at all because i dont believe its necessary, i would have done the same thing for her. i dont want to be close. and i honestly dont mind if we stay where we are. but restoration is possible. in our "friendship".  to where we can have an unawkward conversation. the awkward eye catching moments, dont have to be so awkward. i say restoration is possible.. *end* 

after church.
there was pizza and whatnot.
and then games.

after dinner snacks with mare.
which was good times since i havent hung out with her in forever.
and then home to bed.

if you made it though this whole blog.
i commend you.
i didnt intend to write this all.
or include as many pics as i did.
but my weekend was great.
long. and great.

im blessed.

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